vegan for the animals

Vegan for the animals: wristband

We were sent this wristband from Jessi at Complicated Banana Co. It says “Vegan for the Animals”. The perfect partner for our vegan-friendly soap that’s made from entirely natural and ethically-sourced …

Southend TV Bean & Boy

We’re on Southend TV

Ooo, we’re famous! Watch Mama Bean’s interview with Southend TV, talking about Bean & Boy’s all-natural handmade soaps and how we got started. A little nerve-wracking but all good! Love …

Happy Valentines Day from Bean&Boy

Happy Valentines!

Bean & Boy Handmade Soap: soap so good you’ll fall in love with it! Happy Valentine’s from all of us at Bean & Boy (and Charcoal and Lavender Soaps too, the …