My goodness me, where has the time gone? January has been a complete whirlwind of activity here as we swirl, mix, and prepare soaps for lots of new shops (we’ll be updating our wholesale page with more information on where you can find our soaps soon) and giving our shop a little makeover.

I’ve also encountered many, many technical gremlins grrr so I’ve lost some of my data, most of my mailing list, and the blog posts from the last six months – can you believe it?! My emails have gone completely wonky donkey (mother of small children here, obviously) but we’re finally overcoming it all and have restored normality as far as possible. I’m incredibly grateful to my lovely team who have been so supportive in keeping things running smoothly while I furiously tread water behind the scenes.

News this month –

  • I’ll be updating our workshop and classes page shortly with all of the classes we’re running this quarter both at our shop and at the lovely Create98 which is a local art studio offering lots of different hands-on workshops.
  • We have a bunch of new soaps coming, I’m just waiting on the cosmetic safety assessments to come back and then we’re all systems go.
  • We have been working hard on Faire, a wholesale marketplace type of website which connects us to shops all over the world. We have welcomed quite a few new stockists and have forged some brilliant connections for custom soap requests and other interesting projects.
  • Last month, I created SOAP COAL for a pitch for a really exciting shop in London. Lumps of charcoal soap to go in Christmas stockings for those who are more on the naughty list than on the nice one. This year we’re going to be making some wiggly worm soaps for a gross gift idea for them. Not something I think we’d stock ourselves but it has got me thinking about fun soap ideas for us!
  • Lots of lovely new handmade gifts in our shop and some coming to etsy next week. We are making so many cotton bamboo scrubbies at the moment, they’re available in lots of different designs and if you don’t see what you want, please ask! We have lots and it isn’t always viable to list them all online. They are one of our most popular gift lines so stock moves really quickly, and they’re a great eco swap if you’re trying to lessen your carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day in the shop. It’s pretty exciting and lots of fun, so expect lots of pictures!

That’s all for now! I’ll be posting workshop dates shortly so do keep an eye out for those. The spots usually sell out really quickly, and we’ll be adding more dates when we can fit them in.

With big love and soapy suds,

Stacey x