How natural is your skincare?
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How natural is your skincare?

  • Cold Process Soap is the authentic and traditional way of producing natural soap, made gently to preserve the benefits from our all-natural ingredients. We do things properly, and make each batch by hand in our soap studio. No stage of the manufacture is outsourced.
  • We only use natural ingredients which means that our soap bars are free from parabens, SLS, preservatives, colourants, fragrances, or artificial nasties.
  • We only use natural ingredients like pure essential oils and responsibly-sourced butters and oils. We do not use any chemically-manufactured fragrance oils, colourants, preservatives, or foaming agents.
  • All our bars are cured for up to six weeks to ensure that they are safe and gentle on skin.

Responsibly-sourced Palm Oil: Our Commitment

We’ve chosen to use certifiable responsibly-sourced palm oil in our soaps to produce a better bar and for its high vitamin E content (our soaps are specially designed for sensitive skin sufferers). This also helps support marginalised communities who rely on the sustainable farming of palm for their livelihoods. We believe that cutting palm oil out of soap and eliminating demand for this product will have disastrous effects on families who rely on generations of sensible, sustainable farming for their income and wellbeing.

All of our palm oil is responsibly sourced from earth-conscious suppliers who support plantations that are regularly and rigorously checked to conform to responsible sourcing legislation and criteria.

Responsible Packaging

We thought long and hard about our packaging and finally decided upon a combination of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging components that are kind to the environment. Each soap is packaged in a protective waxed paper which is made using some recycled fibres, and which can be recycled at specialist centres. It is then wrapped in recyclable kraft wrap, tied with biodegradable string and identified with recyclable tags. Even our stickers are recyclable.

We use Earth-Friendly postage envelopes for shipping out orders (and kraft-wrapped boxes for larger orders), and opt for natural, completely recycled marketing materials.

We’ve tried really hard to find ethical, responsible and green suppliers who share our commitment to the environment.

Our bars of soap are all vegan-friendly and do not use any animal products