We are honoured to have won a space in the PSYCHOLOGIES REAL ECO Awards for Top 5 best eco-friendly and vegan soap bars.  Our Happy Soap (Grapefruit + Calendula) was selected as a gentle, all-purpose family soap that is soft enough for delicate skin, with calendula petals for gentle exfoliation and a soft grapefruit scent that uplifts and scents naturally.

Each soap bar in the top 5 was researched and approved by Psychologies Eco Living Editor, Ellen Tout, and meets their strict Real Eco criteria (there is a very long list!). The soap bars were then been tried and tested by their brilliant panel of 25 readers.

This is what they had to say:

Reader’s verdict: “The soap smelled really nice but not overpowering – very natural and uplifting. I liked that it doesn’t turn into mush in the shower and keeps its shape. The calendula seeds work well as a bit of exfoliation. It left my skin feeling clean but not dry. The packaging was good too – simple and small.” Juliet

You can read the full review here.

Huge thanks to Psychologies Eco Living Editor Ellen Tout and her supporting team for coordinating such an extensive and in-depth evaluation ana awards process, and of course for putting us in the top five!