These soaps are fantastic! I live in an area of very hard water but these soaps always provide a beautifully creamy lather which makes my skin feel so soft. I use them on my face and they remove make up perfectly. Highly recommend anyone to try them.

Elizabeth M

Really enjoyed this soap! It was well packaged, arrived within a couple of days. Excellent value. Keep it up Bean and Boy. – Calm Cosmetics

Calm Cosmetics

My partner Mike has quite sensitive skin and has to be careful what products he uses. For the last couple of months he has been using Bean and Boy’s Simple Soap as his shaving soap of choice and has been really pleased with it. It’s really gentle and soothing so no nasty rashes and he’s still using the original bar. So a lovely product and excellent value for money.

Jill P

I have always had major problems buying soap in the past, due to my skin being super sensitive. The old soaps i bought never made me feel really clean or smell fresh. I got my first bar as a Christmas present from my auntie. I was a bit dubious at first but i thought lets risk the rash and i am so glad I did. I love these soaps and would highly recommend them for people with sensitive skin ❤

Layla J

When is your next batch of Peppermint and Coffee Soap going to be ready to buy? I’m in desperate need of some ? your soap is the other only thing what works of getting the smell of gas off my hands. 

Chris B (Gas Engineer)

I have never been a fan of soaps. In the past I’ve found they dried my skin out and I didn’t like the feel of them. Then I tried the soap from Bean & Boy and my mind has been changed. I love their soaps and the feeling on my skin. My favourite is their tea tree soap. My face feels so clean and soft after using it. I have been converted to a soap lover. 

Vicky K

Have ordered this as a gift which came alongside another soap and a beautiful handmade face cloth! Absolutely amazing smell coming from the box! The box is so quirky and the attention to detail this lady gives, alongside fantastic customer service, is second to none! Amazing

Bambi K

Just received 3 more beautiful handmade soaps from BeanAndBoy they are the best natural soap I have tried so far, not only are they ethical they also do not leave a slimy mess on the soap dish. Love them ?

Dawn J

Your soap has some very unique and lovely qualities. For me it feels like washing your hands with silk. 

Karen T

It is really great to find a product that it is made from all natural ingredients: This is so important nowadays both from environmental and health perspectives.  It is a really lovely product, and felt gentle and moisturizing on my skin.

Rebekah G