Our Soaps

Our Soaps are all made by hand in small batches using the cold process method.  All of our soaps are cold processed, and take up to 6 weeks to fully cure. This means that we have limited availability – but don’t worry, we’re already hard at work making the next batch so your favourite soaps aren’t far away.

How to order: You can order your Bean&Boy Soap online from our Etsy Shop. You can also get in touch with any interest or custom order queries via our Contact Page, and check our blog for market information where you’ll be able to buy them in person.

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  • Bean and Boy Beer and Oatmeal Soap

    Beer Natural Handmade Soap

  • Bean and Boy Activated Charcoal Soap

    Charcoal Natural Handmade Soap

  • Bean and Boy Grapefruit and Calendula

    Grapefruit and Calendula Natural Handmade Soap

  • handmade cotton facecloth

    Handmade Cotton Facecloth

  • handmade cotton scrubbies

    Handmade Cotton Scrubbies with Washbag

  • Bean and Boy Lavender Soap

    Lavender Natural Handmade Soap

  • Bean and Boy Lemongrass and Poppyseed Soap

    Lemongrass and Poppyseed Natural Handmade Soap

  • Bean and Boy Peppermint and Coffee Soap

    Peppermint and Coffee Natural Handmade Soap

  • Pumice and Patchouli Natural Handmade Soap

    Pumice & Patchouli Handmade Soap