We are pretty excited to be working with Green Love Southend which is a project happening over the course of the next month here in the City of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

As part of the REMeDY project – aiming to deliver low-cost low-carbon energy solutions through an innovative consortium of businesses and Southend Borough Council – Green Love Southend is encouraging residents, businesses and organisations to share and learn what they can do together to put Southend on the path to net zero.

We have joined up because of our commitment to doing more to use less and the workshops, forums and other avenues provide a fresh and interesting perspective as well as a place to share our opinions, voice our concerns, and learn more about what else we can be doing. It’s been great attending the workshops and speaking up, as well as meeting with other great businesses like our friends Pear & Potato who are changing the way we see fruit and veggies.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re local, join us at Green Love Southend and become a Net Zero Superhero where you pledge ten minutes for ten weeks to find out more about net zero and what we can each do to make a big difference. You’ll also get unique offers or discounts from every single business that’s taking part – and that’s just one way to make shopping small more attractive!

Southend has a 2030 target to be ‘net zero’ which means it will aim to reduce carbon emissions to zero across the city. Southend has the intention of creating an updated ‘Green City Action Plan’ – your views make a difference.