We are so honoured to have been interviewed and included in The Universal Sea guidebook entitled The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic. The Universal Sea is an incredible project that tackles the amount of plastic in our waterways head on. They address the very real concerns about micro-plastic entering our food chain, and how plastic is invading every instance of water everywhere.

The amount of plastic in our waterways grows dramatically, and micro-plastic has already found its way into our food chain. No matter if it is bottled water or tap water, plastic is everywhere – not just far away in the ocean. Even as these facts are spread more and more by mass media, comprehensive (re-)actions are still missing.

The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic is not only a manual for a smart plastic living but an opportunity to harness the power of art and bring every citizen of our world into action against the plastic epidemic.

We will showcase a range of visual art forms, as well as successful progressive initiatives. However, the book will also explore transferrable approaches and methods, which can be taken back into everyday life. Our guide is both a practical and an aesthetic object, and we hope that you enjoy learning about the plastic issue, and how we might tackle it, as much as you enjoy its format and diverse features.

The book is the first of its kind in its attempt to bring together artists, as well as business leaders, scientific experts, and everyday people, to scrutinize and to solve the world’s unsustainable use of plastic. The Universal Sea – The art and innovation guide against the plastic epidemic aims to transcend the boundaries of citizenship and age. The book encourages every one of us to reduce, reuse, and replace plastic consumption in our day to day lives.

Find out more about The Universal Sea guidebook here: https://universal-sea.org/our-guidebook-2