Do you remember that I introduced you to Verity from Lavaná Botanicals last week? She’s a master of bath bombs, creating beautiful balls that fizz into life when you drop them into your bath, filling your tub with light oils to soothe, essential oils to uplift and relax, and just the right amount of colourful foam that my children adore. Lavaná Botanicals bath bombs contain an array of gorgeous skin-loving ingredients, purpose-chosen essential oils and other magic ingredients like mineral micas.

Today, Verity is sharing a DIY BATH BOMBS RECIPE with you. You can use this as a basis for your own bath bomb creations, and it’s a great activity to make with the whole family; because really, school holidays are long enough as it is – fit this fun DIY in an afternoon and the next  night you will have shrieks of delight from toddlers and teenagers alike.

This isn’t one of Verity’s own personal and safety assessed recipes: instead, it’s a starter recipe designed to
get you making bath bombs for fun for your own home, and to get an idea of the love, care and attention
that goes into each one. Care should always be taken when using essential oils and ensure you’re working
in a well ventilated room as bicarbonate of soda can puff up when being mixed. When your bombs have
dried and it’s time to use them, take care not to use them on broken skin, around the eyes or on very small

Are you ready to get started? Here’s the recipe!

Here’s an easy recipe that is designed to be gentle on the skin, makes lovely skin softening bath bombs with no nasty chemicals and smells divine. This batch will make you approximately 6 regular sizes bath bombs or 3 large bath bombs.
Ingredients you’ll need:
Bicarbonate of soda – 2 cups
Citric acid – 1 cup
Kaolin clay or Corn starch – 1 cup
Apricot kernel oil – 15ml
Polysorbate 80 – 15ml
Vanilla essential oil – 5ml
Witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
Optional: 5g mica powder colour of choice
Mix together the dry ingredients, making sure that all pieces of bicarbonate of soda are broken up. A whisk or electric whisk can be handy for this part, however, be careful to work in a properly ventilated room as the dry ingredients can create dust when whisking. In a separate bowl, measure out the wet ingredients.
Then, slowly combine the wet with the dry while whisking to ensure he mixture doesn’t activate. If you’re using a mica powder, you should see your dry mixture colour start to darken. Then, grab your witch hazel and spray it onto your mixture while using your hands (wearing gloves) until the mixture turns into a texture similar to wet sand. Once you achieve this consistency, begin putting the mixture into the moulds.
Over fill the moulds, make a thumb sized hole in one side of the mould to help the bath bomb float later on, and then squish the two moulds together. Tap each side of the mould with your spoon and then gently release the bath bomb and place it somewhere safe to dry.
Leave for at least 24 hours until the bath bomb is hard. And there you have it!
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