Lemongrass is a classic component of Asian cuisine. The benefits, however, extend well beyond a citrus enhancement to dinner time. Here are some reasons you might want to make it a staple of your pantry, or be glad that you already have!

Lowers Cholesterol

If you follow the news you’ll probably have seen that what’s considered to lead to high cholesterol changes on a seemingly weekly basis. But one thing everyone can agree on is that you want to have less of it floating around your bloodstream. This makes sense, seeing as the consequences of too much includes heat attacks and strokes. Consumed regularly in controlled doses (ask your doctor), lemongrass oil has been shown to markedly lower cholesterol. So if you have a family history that you want to stave off, or if you are taking medication to help control your cholesterol, or even just to be on the safe side, cooking with lemongrass a few nights a week might be the way to go.


Furthering lemongrass oil’s reputation for preventative qualities, it is also effective as an anticarcinogen. This means that it helps to protect your body from cancer causing agents. The effect is most pronounced in the digestive system and liver (see more here).


Lemongrass oil isn’t only effective as a preventative, but can be of assistance when you have already fallen foul of one of life’s backhanders. If the insult of fever is added to the injury of being unwell, lemongrass oil has your corner, and can be used to lower that fever and make it much more tolerable. If your fever takes eating and drinking off the table it also works via aromatherapy, so get your diffuser going.

Antibacterial and Antifungal

The benefits of lemongrass oil also extend outside the body. Lemongrass oil inhibits the activity of bacteria and prevents more viable bacteria cells from forming, especially E. Coli. It also inhibits fungal spores, keeping them from activating. This makes lemongrass oil a reliable cleaning agent. Our gorgeous soaps contain pure essential oils, but essential oils are also present in all-natural surface cleaners. Lucky for us, that lemony fresh scent comes from none other than lemongrass oil, making it a two for one! Good for you, and good for your kitchen counter too.

Attracts Honey Bees

If you have some flowers in your garden that you’d like pollinated, or if you’re trying to get a domestic hive going, or even if you just love the fuzzy little guys, lemongrass oil will make sure you are never without some bizzy buzzy company. A spritz on your garden will ensure it gets all the black and yellow attention it needs. Be careful not to get too much on yourself though, or you might find the bees looking for a more intimate friendship than you had in mind.

We are constantly amazed but the amazing benefits of what the natural world has to offer. Do you use lemongrass? Get in touch with us to tell us all about it! Find us on instagram here and facebook here.