We are SUPER excited to be teaming up with designer Beci Callow for this incredible day of craft where you’ll learn the art of cold process soapmaking AND make a ceramic stoneware soapdish.

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  • 21 APRIL 2018
  • 10am – 6pm, LUNCH INCLUDED
  • £98 pp including soap dish and plenty of soap!

LETS MAKE SOAP! Cold Process Soapmaking + Ceramic Stoneware Soapdish

Learn two amazing tactile crafts in this full day workshop, expoloring the ancient method of all-natural traditional cold process soap and ceramic stoneware crafting. Presented by artist Beci Callow and award-winning soapmakers Bean & Boy.


At Bean & Boy, we’re passionate about traditional crafts, and we’re reviving the art of cold process soapmaking in this fun workshop that covers the basics of oils and butters, proper safety, working with lye, choosing essential oils and botanicals, making soap at home, getting creative with swirls and techniques, and of course – soapmaking!

We don’t use artificial ingredients to scent or colour our soaps, so you’ll get creative with clays, botanicals and essential oils. In this half day workshop you will make two soap recipes, you’ll work with your chosen scents and designs, and you’ll take home plenty of info and experience to get you started on your soapmaking journey. You’ll also take home a selection of soaps from the day, some recipes, and a good understanding of the science behind soapmaking.


Beci Callow is an exceptional designer with a distinctive quirky style, who excels in ceramics and silver work. In this fun workshop, you’ll get hands-on tuition guiding you through the process of creating your very own soap dish from scratch – from slab-rolling to building up layers, understanding how clay works and getting messy with hand-mixed glazes.

Each soapdish is completely unique and the style and design is up to you. We’ll be working in stoneware ceramic which gives your soapdish extra strength, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to your handmade soap which you can continue to make long after the day is done.


This is a full-day workshop with plenty of time for questions and answers, as well as hands-on learning and crafting. You’ll get to take home the soap you make on the day for curing, and your soap dish will be fired and returned to you by post.

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