Things are getting really exciting here at Bean & Boy HQ as we prepare for the busy festive season ahead. We have already booked all of our Christmas markets (!) and we are hard at work in the soap studio making lots of lovely bars of soap to take with us. All of our soaps are made using a traditional and very cold process which takes up to six weeks to fully cure, so our Christmas starts early here.

Sometimes, when you’re making batches and batches of lovely soap by hand, you need a break from the familiar scents and notes of our top-selling soaps. That’s why we’ve been experimenting with new varieties which we hope to release in batches of limited edition bars over the coming months.

We’ve been experimenting with turmeric, spirulina, hibiscus powder and seaweed (not all in the same bar thankfully!) and will have some really lovely goodies to show you soon. Combinations like Seaweed & Spearmint, Patchouli & Pumice, and Eucalyptus & Spirulina. Watch this space! We hope that we will get our certification back soon and that they will be available online and in person at markets in Southend-on-Sea and surrounds over the festive season. Each of the new combinations will be labelled limited edition, and will have a number. Once they sell out, that’s it for the year!

Be sure to follow along on Facebook for the product reveals and more information. You can find us online here: We look forward to seeing you there!