Stop press! It’s so exciting, we can’t hardly wait to tell you: we won an award. A very prestigious award. A lovely, glistening, sparkly silver award. And it means the world to us.

Are you wary of what skincare to buy for your family due to long, indecipherable ingredient lists? Concerned about the chemicals contained in baby products? But unsure which natural brands to choose? Each of the winning items in our 2017 awards has been carefully chosen and tested. We seek out the most effective, pure, natural, luxurious beauty products that the world has to offer.

Isn’t that magnificent? We’re so excited. Our Baby Soap has been chosen as the worthy winner which is extra special, because it is the basis for all of our gorgeous handmade soaps. We use the best natural ingredients, our award-winning recipe, and plenty of extra love and attention to make soaps that are safe for your family, kind to your skin, and good for the planet too.

Here is what the fabulous folks over at The Green Parent had to say when they let us know:

It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks at The Green Parent, as we have been spreading good news to winners of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards.  We are thrilled that you are one of the selected few!  Your Bean & Boy Baby Soap won the Silver Award in the Bath & Body – Soap category.

And here’s what they said on their website about the awards process:

Six months ago we started our search for the very best natural and organic beauty brands, covering everything from organic hair care and chemical-free skin creams to natural baby lotions and pregnancy products. Our independent review panel tested hundreds of products from over 60 different natural and organic brands to find the finest and the most effective.

We insist on products free from petroleum-based chemicals, propylene glycol, parabens or sulphates and NO animal testing so you can be assured of their safety. We believe that beauty is more than skin deep. So we seek out those products that are made by passionate people; companies that we can trust; those who put care and love into their work.

Want to know more? You can read the Green Parent Award Announcement post here where you can also download their beauty bible, and you can click through to see more about our Baby Soap here.