We get a lot of requests for soap. Some of them are amazing and bizarre, some of them are a bit bonkers, and sometimes some of them are a really, really good idea. Our customers are amazing, and they inspire us to keep experimenting with different blends, ideas and combinations. Their challenges keep us motivated.

This is how LEMON + HERB was created. We had so many requests for the invigorating lemon scent of our popular lemongrass + poppyseed soap, but without the exfoliating poppyseeds. It’s not that people don’t love the poppyseeds – they do – it’s just that sometimes you want a really smooth, moisturising and uplifting soap without the extra scrubby. We took the powerful lemon scent from the lemongrass and blended it with some of our favourite herbal notes, including tea tree, lemon thyme and eucalyptus, to create a new bar that is balanced and fresh. It has the zing of the lemongrass and poppyseed bar, and an added clean and refreshing herbal scent combination to make it just that little bit unique.

We also swirled in some nutrient-rich green clay to give it a distinctive look and a really lovely texture to use on your face and skin, so this soap bar – like many of our soaps – can be used top to toe on face, body and hands.

While we are always experimenting “behind the scenes”, it takes a really long time to get a bar that we absolutely love through through lengthy certification process and product development. We new ingredients, a balanced timetable for making your soaps, new packaging … it’s a long list, but it’s really worth it. These beauties were made four weeks ago, so they’ll be off the curing racks and ready to wrap in about two weeks. After that, they’ll be uploaded to Etsy and posted out to your favourite Bean & Boy stockists around the UK. They’ll be available in the larger 110g family bar soap size initially, but we will definitely be making them in the smaller 40g hand soap size in a few weeks’ time. These smaller bars are brilliant guest soap size, and are a great way to try out a new soap without committing to the bigger bar.

These soaps will be available on Etsy (www.beanandboy.etsy.com) in about two weeks, and we’ll be sharing the link on our website and social channels so you don’t miss out.